Information Network for Brick Producers

This network for brick producers serves to support the exchange of knowledge under the program:
"Energy efficiency for brick producers in Latin America to mitigate climate change-EELA"

Applications and extras sections

You can contact the experts registered in the network

You can contact registered suppliers

Training manual for the brick sector in Latin America

You can get statistical data of brick sector in Latin America.

Frequent questions

Could you support financially?

The EELA program does not support directly with economic resources.

Could you contact me with the coordinator in one of the countries in the program?

In this case we direct the mail to the Coordinator according to the country requesting us.

Could you advise us to build our brick kilns?

You can go to the website and download the information of interest.

Could you sell us construction materials to build our ovens?

No. The program does not sell construction materials.

INT reconocido

INT fue reconocido con el premio João de Barro 2016 en la categoría Institución durante el "45º Encontro Nacional da Indústria de Cerâmica Vermelha"

31/08/2016 05:56 PM

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